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QuantumShield Technologies is a focused IT Services Company, that helps clients accelerate their Digital transformation journey through its capability of hybrid IT.

We bring together the best technology capabilities and global infrastructure to your environment.

Our partnership with leading technologies and experts gives an edge in Architecting, Supporting, Optimising and Managing today’s information technology environments.

We provide these services with our focus business units – Fraud Risk Management, Cyber Security, Enterprise Cloud, Datacenter Infrastructure Management, E-Learning and Training.

Fraud Risk Management Consulting

  • Current Fraud Strategy Assessment
  • Fraud Tool Assessment
  • General Best Practices and Industry Knowledge Transfer
  • Reporting & Measuring Improvements
  • Solution Provider Selection
  • Implementation Project Management

Fraud Risk Management Solutions

An effective fraud risk management framework will enable organisations to have controls that first prevent the fraud from occurring, detect as soon as a fraud happens and respond effectively to fraud incidents when they occur. We help companies to build fraud prevention strategy by assessing various fraud threats based on business model, vertical, target customer, average ticket size, etc and then create the right custom strategy for your business. You need help in creating the most effective layered strategy for the long term success.

Anti-fraud solution for 3rd Party Fraud, Card testing, Account Takeover Fraud, Re-shipping, “Clean” Fraud, Friendly Fraud, Tri-Angulation, etc

Anti-Money laundering solutions  – Enables end-to-end coverage for the detection, scoring, alerting, workflow processing, and reporting suspicious activity.

Chargeback Analysis, Chargeback Reduction Plan Creation & Execution, Customized Chargeback Dispute Templates, proven to greatly increase reversal rates, End-to-End Chargeback Management Program

Merchant On-Boarding – Pre-screening & Identity Verification, Business & Operations Analysis, Web Content Analysis, Credit & Risk Underwriting

Digital & Video KYC Solutions – Real-time PAN verification, Matching face on ID with face in video(with % confidence score)

Reduce RTO losses and fight COD fraud with AI – Detect fraud orders, risky orders, impulse purchases, non-deliverable addresses and save up to 30% of your business costs!

Enterprise Cloud & Managed Services

  • Datacenter: Co-Location
  • Cloud: Public, Private, Multi and Cloud Management Portal (CMP)
  • Infrastructure Management: Remote Datacenter Management
  • Disaster Recovery: Disaster Recovery (DR) & Backup Services
  • SaaS Offerings: Network, Application, Data, Endpoint
  • Security Monitoring Services: SIEM, Deception, Audits assessments Threat Intelligence, Managed Security Services
  • Managed Security Services
  • Network Services : Migration as a service, SD-WAN Services, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Internet Bandwidth Services
  • Switching (MPLS), Internet Bandwidth Services

Cyber Security Consulting & Technical Services

Vulnerability Assessment & Pen Testing
  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing
  • API Penetration Testing
  • External Network Penetration Testing
  • Internal Network Penetration Testing
  • Configuration Review

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